Quick On Finance 360

Complete integrated planning and financial management solution allowing for effective management control and real-time visibility of financial results.

Benefits to your business
  • Business Managers: Self designed reports and integrated analytical solutions.
  • Financial Managers: Self-monitored processes to identify & solve exceptions.
  • Financial Analysts: Ability to create and modify financial reports and self-managed ad hoc analysis.
  • Accountants and Administrators: Transactional information to speed up the decision making process.
  • Flexible Business Model.
  • Easy to simulate the impact of possible changes.
  • Predictive planning and dynamic forecasting.
  • High speed transactions processing.
  • Automated expenses input of remote / itinerant workforce.
  • Adapted to company's brand and processes.
  • Integrated Social Network.
  • Speed up close activities through secure collaboration.
  • Quicker problem resolution as a result of clarity of input into the process.
  • Establish a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Standardised financial architecture built on best practice.
  • Multi-GAAP, currencies, languages, subsidiaries... supported.
  • Compliance with local regulations and report requirements.

Quick On Finance ERP

Effective management and real-time visibility of financial results to increase your productivity and improve your business decisions. With capabilities covering general accounting, accounts payable and receivable, assets, expenses, collections and cash management... and centralized services for accounting, taxes, payments and intercompany processes.

Benefits to your business
  • Flexible Business Model.
  • Simulates easily the impact of possible changes.
  • Predictive planning and dynamic forecasts.
  • High speed in high volume transaction processing.
  • Automate entry of mobile workforce expenses.
  • Adaptation to the company identity and its processes.
  • Multi-device access and native applications access.
  • Easy import and export regardless of the format of the data.
  • Integrated Social Network.
  • Accelerate the closing process with a secure collaboration.
  • Improve the visibility of "who did what and when" for faster problem solving.
  • Establish a culture of continuous process improvement.
  • Business Managers: Self-service reports and integrated analytic solutions.
  • Financial Managers: Identify and resolve exceptions with self-monitoring processes.
  • Financial Analysts: Create and modify financial reports. Perform ad hoc analysis without IT.
  • Finance Employees: Immediate intelligence in the context of transactions speeds up the decision-making process.
  • All the information at a glance with the embedded BI (Business Intelligence) tool and online integration with Microsoft Office.
  • Standardized financial architecture built on best practices.
  • Multi-GAAP support, currencies, languages, subsidiaries...
  • Local regulations and reporting requirements compliance.

Quick On Planning & Budgeting

Flexible application for planning, budgeting and forecasting the company, in a web-based implementation model and Microsoft Office. A hierarchical planning that encompasses both corporate finance and business lines, which will allow you to connect operational assumptions with financial results.

Benefits to your business
  • Eliminate proliferation of planning and budget spreadsheet versions.
  • It provides users with the flexibility to work on Excel spreadsheets or directly using self-service.
  • Follow-up on the preparation and approval of various budget requests.
  • Optimization of the planning process.
  • Integration with ERP systems that contain most of the source data.
  • Obtain rapid deployment and adoption.
  • Easy creation and instant update using in-memory calculations and aggregations.
  • Modeling What-if and Sandbox to plan and forecast complex business situations.
  • Flexible workflow and state-of-the-art process management.
  • Include comments and add documents to substantiate the numbers.
  • Simultaneous data updates and instant reports.
  • Modern, intuitive and role-based user interface. Also Excel Interface.
  • Navigation flows adapted to users groups according to needs of use.
  • External integration with connection to the external Oracle Cloud or with local solutions.
  • Take advantage of pre-built integrations with Oracle ERP Cloud and your Hyperion investments to deploy Planning Cloud as a hybrid solution.
Digital Banking Manifesto: The End of Banks?
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Digital Banking Manifesto: The End of Banks?

Quick On Sales & Finance

Covering all your sales cycle and financial management company needs. Helps sales force reach their targets and managers to increase their knowledge of the entire process. Obtain a global view in real time through integrating automated financial processes with the sales solution.

Benefits to your business
A complete customer database with a 360 individual view available.

  • Centralise all company sales opportunities information or manage it by sales person.
  • Tracking: Enable your sales person to monitor in detail every opportunity providing updated quote visibility.
  • Lead generation: Specific module to storage and track opportunities in the initial phase that could become real business opportunities. Mass mailing available (e-mail marketing).
Module to create and check pre-defined tasks and activities for the sales force,enabling the follow up of meetings, calls, mails... Possibility of alert generation and capacity to synchronise them with Outlook as well as to integrate required CRM when they become due for execution.
Embebed BI (Business Intelligence) tool and Office online integration.
  • Import and export with ease independently of data format: File Based, Data Import (FBDI), ADF Services, ADF Desktop Integration, Reporting Tools and Spreadsheets.
  • Integrated Social Network. Secure and transactional collaboration.
  • Mobility: at your own pace and from wherever you need. Multi-device access and native applications.
Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition,
and productivity
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Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity

"It is increasingly the case that much of modern economic activity, innovation, and growth simply couldn't take place without data"

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