Quick On Sales & Marketing

Manage all your marketing and sales management neeeds to reach your customers more effectively. Optimize your marketing campaigns, analyze performance, falicitate lead generation and sales opportunities, increasing your success rate.

Benefits to your business
  • Campaign management: All the tools you need for an efficient multi-channel marketing campaign. The ability to generate from the most basic to the most sophisticated (automated processes) ones.
  • BI (Business Intelligence): Our embedded tool enables to generate statistical reports and graphs in an agile, accurate and intuitive way. Sales snapshot via management reports with real up to date information.
  • Mobility: at your own pace and from wherever you need: Quick on Sales & Marketing enables you to access information from any mobile device, improving team coordination and team members' understanding.
  • Segmentation: Enabling the marketing team to benefit in real time from their target behavioural information, in any channel. Ability to organize the most relevant messages of any campaign in multiple formats.
  • Database: A complete and personalised summary for each customer. Beyond traditional information, access to interesting details (sales opportunities, sales orders, sold products and activities accomplished).
  • Lead Generation. Accurate monitoring of every opportunity. Storage and tracking of opportunities from the beginning of the process to becoming real business opportunities through adequate follow up.
  • Sales Performance: Create and review any sales force allocated task (sales visits, calls, meetings, e-mails...) Sales personnel and managers have their customised access to key and user information.
  • ERP Cloud: From order generation to payment in accounts: Possibility to activate a Configuration Pricing and Quoting module (CPQ), enabling the agile and controlled design of a complex proposal and calculating any configuration price.
Mass mailing with immediate impact visibility. Web traffic performance, revenue per campaign, leads qualification, opportunities evaluation by region or product are some of the existing parameters accesible in a simple way.
Facilitates managing content marketing to all employees and also customers. Brings the capacity to create, plan, generate and issue attractive content through different profiles and channels during the entire life cycle of the customer.

Quick On CRM Sales

A fully integrated suite with a comprehensive set of capabilities for next generation organizations. It covers all the needs of the Sales Managers and the Sales Force of the companies, in order to achieve success in their objectives.

Benefits to your business
A complete and individualized summary of each client. In addition to the usual information, access to more detailed information (sales opportunities, purchase orders, products sold or actions carried out)
  • Dashboard: In real time and to a single click you will have the relevant information of your business (current vs quota, top of sales opportunities,...) adapted to each user.
  • BI (Business Intelligence): Embedded tool that allows generating reports and statistical graphs in an agile, accurate and intuitive way. Management reports with real and updated data about sales status.
  • Mobility. From Where and When You Want: Quick on Sales & Marketing allows you to manage and visualize all information from any mobile device, improving team coordination and knowledge.
  • Lead Generation. A Precise Tracking of Every Opportunity: Storage and tracking of early stage opportunities that, with proper follow up, will become a real business opportunity.
  • Opportunities for Sale. Every opportunity a sale: Centralization of the whole information of the sales opportunities, by seller and general of the company. View the opportunities with their respective winning probability (previously defined by the company with valuation criteria)
  • Sales performance. An efficient sales area management: Create and consult activities and tasks assigned to the sales team (business visits, calls, meetings, e-mails,...). Access to personalized information critical to each profile (commercial and managerial)
In the Activities and Tasks module, all the activities of the sales force and their status converge, which frees commercials and sales managers from the generation and supervision of reports.

Quick On Marketing

Cover all the management needs of your Marketing Department to more effectively reach an omnichannel customer. A flexible tool designed to capture and retain customers throughout their entire life cycle.

Benefits to your business
Identify best potential leads to turn them into sales.
Leverage real-time behavior data to provide an individualized experience in marketing channels (email, mobile, social networks, web or online advertising) with ready-to-use messages that enable you to create attractive content to native channels.
Marketers easily leverage real-time performance data from their target regardless of the channel. Organize the most relevant messages for campaigns in multiple formats.
All the tools for efficient management of multichannel marketing campaigns. Generate from the basic campaigns to the most sophisticated with automated processes and time saving.
Allow the whole organization, even clients, to manage the Content Marketing. Create, plan and deliver engaging content across multiple channels and profiles throughout the customer's lifecycle.
Mass mailing with immediate impact visibility. Performance of web traffic, revenue per campaign, qualifying leads, evaluating opportunities by region or product, are some of the parameters easily accessible.
El impacto digital en la gestión de la Comunicación en España
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Digital impact in communication management in Spain

"We have to stop thinking about making digital marketing in Spain and start thinking about how to make marketing in a digital world"

Quick On Sales & Finance

Covering all your sales cycle and financial management company needs. Helps sales force reach their targets and managers to increase their knowledge of the entire process. Obtain a global view in real time through integrating automated financial processes with the sales solution.

Benefits to your business
A complete customer database with a 360 individual view available.

  • Centralise all company sales opportunities information or manage it by sales person.
  • Tracking: Enable your sales person to monitor in detail every opportunity providing updated quote visibility.
  • Lead generation: Specific module to storage and track opportunities in the initial phase that could become real business opportunities. Mass mailing available (e-mail marketing).
Module to create and check pre-defined tasks and activities for the sales force,enabling the follow up of meetings, calls, mails... Possibility of alert generation and capacity to synchronise them with Outlook as well as to integrate required CRM when they become due for execution.
Embebed BI (Business Intelligence) tool and Office online integration.
  • Import and export with ease independently of data format: File Based, Data Import (FBDI), ADF Services, ADF Desktop Integration, Reporting Tools and Spreadsheets.
  • Integrated Social Network. Secure and transactional collaboration.
  • Mobility: at your own pace and from wherever you need. Multi-device access and native applications.
Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition,
and productivity
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Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity

"It is increasingly the case that much of modern economic activity, innovation, and growth simply couldn't take place without data"

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